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We are a multi-disciplined design and product development company offering high quality services in:

  • Cutting and Routing for companies and individuals that require 2D or 3D machining.
    We cut Wood, Plastics, Acrilycs, Laminate, Metals, Composite (sheet size up to 3M x 1.5M – 10′ x 5′)
  • CNC Machining, Milling and Turning using CAD/CAM facilities
    High-precision design and machining with maximum travel up to 1020mm x 457mm
  • Prototyping and Pattern Making
    Experienced in all spects of wood, plastic and metal pattern making for a range of applications
  • Laser Cutting, Engraving and Etching.
    We use different laser technology depending on the material to be engraved/cut and the application
  • Furniture Making
    Custom panels, modular units, children’s furniture for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Play and Educational Equipment
    We manuafacture for the best, most innovative play equipment company.
  • Sign Making
    From letter cutting to embossed or extruded letters in any materials.
  • Arts and Crafts
    We cut stencils, custom shapes, templates, tile mirrors for any project.

If you have a product design or idea but you don’t know how to turn this idea into a reality, then we are what you need: a specialist.

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